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Shocking Details Of Om Puri’s Death

Now that Om Puri is no more—and let’s  face it ,shocking as  it sounds , he is gone—the heat and dust on his personal life will not settle down. His troubled marriage  to Nandita Puri and his first wife Seema Kapoor who was back in his life made murky headlines in the last years of Om’s life.

It won’t be wrong to say  the stress of managing two relationships killed Om.

“He drank himself to death. He would have constant fights with Seemaji about the drinking.Just some months ago  Om  landed up with a hand injury after he stumbled and fell on the way to his apartment . Seemaji made it very clear to him that he was destroying himself and  she couldn’t watch him do this to himself. A week before  his death Om had a complete medical run-through in which all his vital  organs including the treacherous  heart  were doing fine. Om in his childlike logic told Seemaji he doesn’t need to stop drinking since his health is fine,” says the friend.

On the night before his death Om had a  drinking binge. He stumbled and  fell in the kitchen and died.

Says the friend, “His faithful secretary and friend Mr Mishra raised an alarm when Om wouldn’t open the  door. When they finally got in, they found Om on  the floor.What a sad and sorry end to  a legend!”


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