Shocking: Kapil Sharma Cancels Ajay Devgan’s Shoot…What’s Wrong With Kapil?

Is Kapil Sharma seriously unwell? Rumours doing the rounds of the the television industry hint at “serious health  problems” and not physical but psychological.

Says a  member of his team, “On several  occasions in recent times Kapil seems  to suffer from some kind of a panic attack before shooting. The panic becomes so pronounced that his blood pressure drops.”

Kapil’s by-now infamous panic attacks have left Bollywood’s biggest stars baffled. Recently Shah Rukh Khan  had to return without shooting an appointed episode with Kapil. Anil Kapoor and  the Mubaraka gang were also turned away and so was Arjun Rampal who had gone to promote Daddy.

The latest Bollywood superstar  to be turned away from Kapil’s show without shooting is  Ajay Devgan . On  Sundaymorning Devgan along with the Badshaho team (Ilena D’Cruz, Emraan Hashmi, Esha Gupta and  director Milan Luthria) reached Film City to shoot The Kapil Sharma Show.

Kapil was nowhere to be seen. As  minutes ticked into  hours, the no-nonsense Devgan stormed  out of  the set vowing to never return again.

Says  a member of Kapil’s team, “We really don’t know what  is wrong with him. But he’s done it again. Stars are being turned away and we feel bad about it. Lekin kya karen? It’s a health  issue.”

Sources say the problem is  more psychological  than  physical.  “Kapil is going through some kind of a crisis and we  must stand by him,” says a faithful team member.

Regrettably the Bollywood stars are  not such a tolerant bunch of team players. Ajay Devgan we hear, is so livid at Kapil’s disappearing act that he has sworn never to return.

Others are  more tolerant.

Says  Arjun Rampal, “Yes , Kapil had a health scare when we went to shoot an episode with him. We had to go back. But we shot a real rocking  episode a few days later. No harm done.”

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