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Shocking: Nawazuddin Distances Himself From Chitrangada’s Allegations, Says It Didn’t Happen

Nawazuddin and Chitrangada

Was actress Chitangada Singh confused about the allegedly scandalous incident on location for Kushan Nandy’s Babumoshai  Bandookbaaz?

In an interview the actress claimed that director Nandy persuaded  her to do an unbecoming  love-making scene withNawaz , urging her on with language that was crass vulgar and unsuitable.

Nandy denied the incident.

Now Nawazuddin Siddiqui has broken his silence, firmly defending his director against Chitrangada

According to Chitangada’s co-star Nawazuddin no such incident happened. “We did a normal scene. There was nothing unacceptable about what we shot. The incident being described did not happen.”

Nawaz gives his director a clean chit. “Kushan is a decent softspoken person. He’s a gentleman, incapable  of crass behaviour.”

Adds Kushan Nandy, “I don’t use the language she has accused me of using. I don’t know people who use language like that. This is character assassination for me. Those who know me will know I never use filthy words like she has accused me of using.”

Apparently Kushan intends to sue Chitrangada for defamation.

Repeated attempts to  contact Chitrangada failed.

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