Shocking: Robot Sequel Team Alleges ​​Irregularity ​By American VFX Company

Here is  the real reason why 2: 0 the Robot sequel,  has been delayed and postponed from January to April 2018.

The special effects were not ready in time. In  fact , they still aren’t. And here’s why: the American  VFX company which had taken on the herculean task failed to deliver.

Apparently, the task was  too herculean for them to fulfill.

 A  key member of  the  2: 0  team spilled the beans  on condition of anonymity. “ The VFXdelivery has been gravely defaulted by a US company that took on the task of doing the entire  special effects  of  our film.So we had to pull  out a 1000 shots from the film and and send it off to 10 different VFX companies, 100 shots to each! This meant a great deal of criminal  delay. In  fact I will tell you the truth, they’ve cheated  us and we’re now planning to take elaborate legal action against them.’

The source says  the legal  process  is taking longer than expected as  the American VFXcompany has declared  itself bankrupt. “It’s  fraud pulled on  us deliberately. Our producersLyca are  considering  serious legal acion. It is shocking that a huge VFX company in America which has won Oscars  for its work has pulled such a swindle on a relatively small Indian production house like ours which is  trying to excel in the VFX department. It feels like sabotage!”

Says  the outraged team member  of 2: 0, “They call themselves the First World and they call us the  Third World.And this is  what they do to us! They took 90 percent of  the payment in advance and then did not meet our deadline. When we  took out the rushes we realized they  hadn’t even done 50 percent of the work. Now we are all working 48 hours a day to meet  our new release deadline.”

 It is shocking  to hear of such unprofessional and unethical practises  from a huge AmericanVFX company which has been associated with  films like Ang Lee’s Life Of Pi .

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