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Shocking: Suggestions That Sridevi Was Murdered Surface Again



It’s been  more than year that Bollywood’s resident  legend Sridevi suddenly passed away leaving a void that time will never fill.

Her  sudden mysterious demise  allegedly by drowning in a bath tub in a hotel room in Dubai, led to much speculation.And now  a  senior police officer Rishiraj Singh has made this  startling  revelation  in  a Keralanewspaper.

Rishiraj has been  quoted as  saying, “My friend and the late Forensic expert Dr Umadathan had told me long back that Sreedevi’s death might have been a murder and not an accidental death. This he told me when I asked him about Sridevi’s death, out of curiosity.He also pointed out certain facts to back his claims. According to him, a person will never drown in one-foot deep water, however much he drinks. He will drown only if somebody holds his both legs and sinks his head into the water,”

While Sridevi’s husband  Boney Kapoor refused to comment  on this sensitive issue, a close  friend of the Kapoorssays, “Boney is still trying to get over the loss. Ever since it happened(Sridevi’s  death) all kinds  of speculation has been going on.  But Boney has been advised by senior members of  the Indian  bureaucracy  to  stay silent.”

A shroud  of  mystery hangs over the iconic  actress’ death even a year after . Was it a natural death,as Boney and  the  family claims?  Or was  there  more to this than meets the eye?

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