Show Stoppers Ranbir-Deepika Indisposed


Shabana Azmi’s annual fashion show  in her ancestral  village  of  Mijwan  where  the biggest names in films, fashion and business come together in solidarity for the annual fundraiser fashion show hosted by the Mijwan Welfare Society, has been  postponed.

Both   of Shabana’s showstoppers Ranbir Kapoor and  Deepika Padukone have  fallen ill

Says Shabana, “It is  so bizarre. But we are keeping the faith alive and waiting  for them to  recover and get back on their  feet. Until then…que sera sera.  I am cracking jokes and  keeping my very young  and vibrant show-organizing team’s spirits up. They’ve been working round  the  clock to ensure the annual event goes well. I am keeping them regaled with jokes, biryani and chocolate waffles.We’re waiting  for Ranbir and Deepika to  recover and then the  show must must go on.”

Designer Manish Malhotra was all set to put up a spectacular fashion show ‘The Walk Of Mijwan’ on 9th April 2018 showcasing the exquisite craft of Chikankari by Mijwan’s women, fashioned into contemporary silhouettes by Manish in his signature style. This was  the 9th annual fundraiser for Mijwan in support of the movement started by Late Kaifi Azmi in 1993.

Ranbir Kapoor, Goodwill Ambassador of the  Mijwan  annual event  since 2014 was to walk the ramp along with Deepika Padukone.

But as  Shabana sighs, “Woman Proposes, God Disposes. We are helpless.”

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