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When Shraddha Kapoor lost her voice and actually became Haseena Parkar



Shraddha Kapoor is known to be a focused and committed actress who delves into her roles with much research and intensity.

For her next release, Apoorva Lakhia’s Haseena Parkar, the actress got involved while shooting for it that her voice had transformed into that of her character, so when she went dubbing for another film, the team was shocked at the drastic change and the dubbing had to be cancelled for the day.

We have read about how in Rock On 2, Shraddha had shut herself out from her family and friends to get into the character of singer and programmer Jiah Sharma, who is a loner. Interestingly, for Haseena Parkar, Shraddha got so immersed in her role that something strange happened. One day after her shoot, she came to dub for Half Girlfriend. Her voice sounded deep and husky and quite unlike Riya Somani, her character in the film. After a few attempts her dubbing team came up to her and told diffidently, “Ma’am are you all right? It seems you have a cold or something as your voice sounds completely different.” Shraddha assured them she was fine and wanted to continue shooting till her HG director Mohit Suri stepped in and the dubbing was cancelled for that day.

Shraddha affirms and adds, “I was so stunned that for a moment I could not believe that my voice had altered so drastically till my director Mohit Suri came and asked me what happened to my voice. He asked me if I had come from the Haseena shoot and I realized that I had been shooting for it earlier in the day. Sometimes I tend to get to involved in the characters that I play, I carry a part of them back with me, when I step off the camera. They had to cancel the dubbing for that day so my voice sounded normal when I returned for it again.”

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