Shruti Haasan Spills Some Interesting Secrets On MX Player’s Famously Filmfare – Tamil

Shruti Haasan thanks her parents for her beautiful looks

Quote – “Both have killer looks and looks that can kill. Both of them have the same combination”

Shruti Haasan’s respect for her father

Quote – “I respect my father a lot. Honestly, the way he does things, both personally and professionally. Seriously, I have a lot of respect for his achievements. Not because he is my father, but because his style of doing everything is very different. Other than that, I can talk to him casually, I can openly share what I have in my mind. I would say that he is a kind of a very liberal father.”

Shruti Haasan’s thoughts on her first movie

Quote – “My first movie, I don’t know whether it was a right decision or a wrong decision. Actually why I see that as a wrong decision is because I was not ready at that time. I was not aware of the depth and emotion and pressure of cinema. I was in a band and then suddenly I landed up here from the music world. Only after the movie was over, I realized its value. It was a learning process but ultimately it has been my own decision. So whether it is a failure or success, I am able to understand it for myself. Having said that, they have been always supportive from the beginning. I had my parent’s support.”

Guess who Shruti Hassan would like to take on a date if she was a man!

Quote – “If I were a guy, who would I take out on a date, Tamannaah! Actually, if I were a man, I would marry Tammy. She is such a good girl, I wont let her go easily.”

Shruti Haasan’s one ambition is to be a good mother!

Quote – “I think in my life’s ambition I don’t have too many plans like I told you. I don’t have a big list. But I’m looking forward to one thing. I have the ambition of becoming a good mother.”

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