Siddharth Malhotra Cheated On Alia Bhatt

Even when she was  completely in love with Siddharth Malhotra, Ali Bhatta was cheated by her man who went ahead  and had a fling with  Jacqueline Fernandez  while he was shooting for a  film ironically called  A Gentleman.

Hurt and  bewildered, Alia  didn’t know what to do . Ranbir Kapoor solved the dilemma  for  her. She  is  now happily in a relationship with Ranbirwhile Siddharth is apparently seeing Kiara Advani.

Says a source  very close  to Alia, “Siddharth  just couldn’t be faithful to Alia. It broke her heart. Because she  is  a very loyal girlfriend . Sid has commitment issues.Serious ones.”

We  only hope  Siddharth  learns to be faithful to the woman he is seeing now.

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