Siddharth Malhotra Insults The Bhojpuri Language, Manoj Tiwari To File A PIL

On  Bigg Boss just before it closed down  for this season Siddharth Malhotra made  a hugely offensive remark against the Bhojpuri language.And now, BJP’s MP from Delhi Manoj Tiwari  who has made a career in Bhojpuri cinema, is going  to file  a PIL against  Malhotra.

 On the  show to promote Aiyaary, Malhotra when asked by Manoj Bajpai to recite somedialogues in  Bhojpuri  did so ,commenting that it gave him the feeling of being in the ‘latrine’(toilet).

Shockingly inappropriate comment coming from a Bollywood celebrity.

Says Manoj Tiwari, “I just got to know  about this.This person’s behaviour  is utterly shameful and extremely  objectionable. I will  file a PIL against his remarks on Bhojpurilanguage by Thursday. This is a country where  the  first  president Rajendra  Prasad  spokeBhojpuri. Bhojpuri is  spoken  by 22 crore people in Uttar Pradesh , Bihar andJharkhand.Thel anguage spoken by the maximum number of  bureaucrats in India  isBhojpuri.Siddharth has insulted all of them.”

Ravi Kissan  who is  one  of India’s topmost Bhojpuri stars  feel sorry for Malhotra. “This is nothing but ignorance  of the highest order and shows what isolated  lives Bollywood stars live. For  Siddharth Malhotra’s kind information , Bhojpuri is the  native of many eminent scholars, scientists  and artistes.Bachachan Saab and his  father the great Harivansh RaiBachchanji spoke Bhojpuri . The  first president of India Rajendra Prasad spoke Bhojpuri. In fact it was Rajendra Babu, as he was affectionately  known, who requested  actor NasirHussain(not  the filmmaker  the character actor) to make India’s  first Bhojpuri  film GangaMaiya Tohe Piyari Chedaibo. That’s how the Bhojpuri film industry started, of which I am a proud part. Siddharth should  look beyond Bollywood. This is a land of multiple languages and cinema.”

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