Siddhivinayak’s Riddhi turns into Hawa Hawai as a tribute to Sridevi

&TV’s fiction offering Siddhi Vinayak showcases a twisted and unique life journey of two childhood friends. The story of the show has reached an interesting point where the suspense is about to reveal and the truth will come out. In the coming episode, Riddhi aka Farnaz Shetty will be seen in a totally different avatar as she is really close to knowing the real culprit behind Siddhi’s death and she doesn’t want to let go of any single clue which will help her unveiling the suspense.

Siddhivinayak’s Riddhi turns into Hawa Hawai as a tribute to Sridevi 2In the coming episode of SiddhiVinayak, Viewers will see that after knowing Vinayak is not responsible for Siddhi’s death, Riddhi lays her doubt on Shankar. Overhearing Shankar’s conversation with a goon(Bhima), She follows that goon and lands up in Dance Bar. To get information out of him, Riddhi takes get up of a dancer in the bar and dances on a famous song Hawa Hawai. Just the way Sridevi snuck into the goons’ den on the pretext of being a global dancing sensation!

While talking about the sequence Farnaz Shetty (Riddhi) said, “I was really excited for the sequence as my viewers will see me dancing in a totally different avatar. The song I danced on was Hawa Hawai from Tumahari Sulu. While preparing for it, I kept the original Hawa Hawai in mind. I have always been a Sridevi fan since I have seen movies like Mr. India and Chaalbaaz. I would want to dedicate this performance as a tribute to the legendary actress and pay homage to her. I really feel honoured and privileged to dance on the song for which Sridevi Ma’am is known for.” 

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