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Sidharth Shukla’s Last Interview With Subhash K Jha



Sidharth Shukla

We still in shock after hearing shock news about Sidharth Shukla death, Here is the last interview of Sidharth shukla with Subhash K Jha

National  heart-throb  Sidharth Shukla whose stint  on Bigg Boss  renewed his stardom manifold,  suddenly found his  career frozen  by the lockdown.

 But he is  not complaining.  “I see the plight of people who are  homeless, migrants  who  are walking  for  thousands  of miles. And  I feel blessed to have  a roof on my head  and food on the table. I.”

  Sidharth Shukla  isn’t sure how long  the wait is going to be. “No one  is sure. Nothing is certain at the moment. We don’t know which  way the virus will go. We can  only wait for the  vaccine. In the meanwhile the  lockdown is gradually being eased. Soon, we may be able to go back to work. But how?  Have you seen how  a film or television set  is? Do you know the number of people there? Lightboys cameramen etc have  to  be right  next to you. Can’t  be avoided. How do we observe  social  distancing on the sets?”

 In the meanwhile  Sidharth  is  happy to be home. “I admit I am getting restless. But that’s okay. I am  leading a disciplined  life in  lockdown. The  only indulgence is sleep. I allow  myself  to wake  up anytime I want to. It could be in the afternoon also. The day begins for me whenever I wake  up.”


As for  getting restless at home Sidharth says, “Even when there  was no lockout I spent  most of  my time at home when I wasn’t working. I don’t  socialize . I don’t party, Being at home with my family is  for me  the  best way to  spend my time. Lockdown or  no  lockdown, that’s how I like it.”

Ever since  Bigg Boss, Sidharth’s  fan following has   gone up by  leaps and bounds. How does he feel  about the  female  attention?  “How should it feel?  Of course I am  happy about it. Isn’t this what we work for? I am  glad I’m getting all the attention. I hope I prove myself  worthy of it.”

Speaking  on the spate  of suicides  on  the television  industry  after the  lockdown Sidharth who started his career  with a  successful stint  in the  television series  Balika  Badhu, says, “I suppose it won’t be  right for me  to comment on this, since  I am in  a relatively more  privileged position . But I  can say this. There is  a lot of pressure on  television actors to take on  any work that comes their way. The  working hours are long and  the  pay is  not  enough.It’s  easy to get  depressed when   you are a  television actor.”

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