Simi Garewal Returns With A Riveting Rendezvous With Rishi & Neetu

They are not the perfect couple.Amd they don’t project themselves as such. What makes Neetu and Rishi Kapoor so perfectly compatible is the flaws in their marriage.On a special episode of Rendezvous With Simi Garewal  the couple spoke out feelingly and honestly about what keeps their marriage going, including the prolonged bouts of silence between them when, they confessed, their ego doesn’t allow them to break the ice.

This, then, is the marriage that works. Flawless facades in a long-term celebrity togetherness are nothing more than subterfuges to mislead future generations into believing that seemingly perfect couples share perfect marriages. This façade we saw crumble recently in the suddenly splintered marriage  of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Never trust an immaculate celebrity marriage. What we loved in Simi Garewal’s interaction  with Rishi and Neetu was that  they disagreed and squabbled even on camera and in front of a bemused adoring audience in Melbourne.

Rishi was as full of bravado and back-chat as ever. Neetu was the partner in control , even when they spoke candidly about the troubles  in their marriage. Neetu laid the blame for her marital differences squarely on the bottle. Rishi sheepishly accepted all his wife’s accusations about his love for alcohol.

“We don’t talk for days sometimes,” she told her hostess who couldn’t believe what she just heard. Simi and the Kapoors go back a  long way. Her comfort level with Rishi is there for all to see in this rendezvous filled with the endearing squabbles of a couple that loves to disagree.

Neetu spoke about how horrible a boyfriend Rishi was, and how possessive he is as a husband. What came out during the half-hour rendezvous was love and trust in the face of acute crises. Neetu was endearingly dismissive of Rishi’s lover-boy image.

“Which woman would have a relationship with him??? Even if someone tried he would be so dismissive that she would run away,” said the wife.

Oh, the couple had great fun with their  bantering  which went from light to a deeper shade when Neetu confessed she had a problem with her husband’s drinking and when Rishispoke of the “glass wall” that separates him from his son Ranbir.

There are also some heartwarming anecdotes on Neetu’s early days as a Kapoor Bahuwhen she made efforts to please her in-laws.

So what makes Rishi and Neetu a special couple?The fact that they aren’t trying to be special. The fact that they are not afraid to let the glamorous mask peel off.

Simi Garewal brings out the best in the couple.Catch this amazingly revealing special episode of Rendezvous With Simi Garewal on youtube.

Rating: *** ½



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