Simmba Trailer Overpowers With Colour & Choler


There  is  a lot of flying objects  in  the  trailer  of Simmba…fists, fireworks, rhetorics and of course cars …you name it. This is the larger-than-life world of  Rohit Shetty. Kuch na kuch gol maal  toh hona hi hai, boss.

Sure enough ,Ranveer Singh plays a corrupt cop who  believes making money from the law  is his birthright. After several hurriedly-cut escapades showing Ranveer’s Simmba in  positions of  financial compromise, the trailer swerves broadly into a conscientious trip with  Simmba taking on  rapists  while an innocent-looking girl tells him, “Bhaiyya, rapists must die”.

On comes an assistant cop with  serious blood-pressure  issues, muttering  “Until the rapists die  nothing will change.”

Well, yes.  But is it that  simple? Bad Cop Turns Good Cop, takes on the baddies…crime is eradicated. In this Operation Clean-up Ranveer is  joined at the end  of the trailer by ‘Singham’ Ajay Devgan . Didn’t I tell you, the trailer began with  a voiceover about  this  ill-tempered little  boy  who grows wanting  to be  a cop.

So now we  have Singham and Simmba hand-in-hand. By the  time the breakneck(and break bones) trailer  groaned  to  a halt  we knew the entire story  of Simmba, and why  Rohit Shetty has joined hands with  Karan  Johar tell us  about one more badass cop who will   come around  make this world a  better place.

1976’s angry young cop Vijay (Amitabh Bachchan) in Zanjeer is now the smirking Simmba. So  smug in his corrupt cocoon he seems like an anomaly .

We can never get enough  of Vijay/Singham/Simmba.  Because we  are still fighting the same forces of corruption that  bothered  writers Salim-Javedin  the 1970s. And  yes , the heroine continues  to be marginalized in these macho tells of heroic forbearance. If Jaya Bhaduri was a minuscule  presence in  Zanjeer, Sara Ali Khan, so  pivotal in Kedarnath is  here reduced to a prop mouthing inane lines  like, “The  next time you need to do someone’e ‘encounter’ I can give  you tips.”

 That’s all we need. An encounter specialist who looks like she just walked  out  of the beauty parlour.

The trailer of Simmba doesn’t hold back. It tell us the entire story,  introduces us to all the  twists and  turns  in the plot and  gives enough  ‘feud’ for thought  to make us  grateful that ‘Singham’ Ajay Devgan  is  around to ensure his new spinoff doesn’t spin out of control.

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