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Singer Jubin Nautiyal’s Shocker: Concert Organizer Has Khalistani Links?



Jubin Nautiyal

We are living through  dangerous times. Every association undertaken by  a celebrity  must be cross-checked and  double-crosschecked. This, Jacqueline Fernandez discovered  the hard way.

Now it is   singer Jubin Nautiyal  who  finds himself in  deep trouble after agreeing to  a concert in the US  organized  by a known  Khalistan supporter.

All hell has broken loose on the net, and rightly so. There are many unconfirmed stories doing the rounds  on Jubin’s  association with  the  wrong  kind  of  people. The demand for his arrest for his alleged  anti-national  links , is growing.

What  Jubin   needs to do immediately is  to  cancel  the proposed US concert  and  issue a  public  notice  dissociating himself  from the  allegedly pro-Khalistan  concert  organizer Jai Singh.

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