Smoking &  Substance Abuse Creates Problems in Rangoon

The CBFC has  asked the makers of Rangoon to add  a statutory warning in scenes showing characters  smoking and  indulging in substance abuse.

Apparently the film is carpeted with scenes showing the characters smoking. And indulging n drug abuse.

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“Since the film is set in the 1940s when it was considered fashionable to smoke, Rangoon has characters smoking constantly. In such cases it’s better to keep the statutory scroll on throughout the film. But we  leave it to the film’s makers to decide what they want to do.”

Scenes showing substance abuse have also not gone down with the CBFC.

“We’ve asked all such scenes to be deleted. Drug abuse and smoking is not something we encourage in our films. Smoking may have been fashionable in the past.But now it is as unacceptable as eveteasing and stalking.To see glamorous characters getting high on drugs is not CBFC’s idea of an evening of fun at the movies,” says censor chief PahlajNihalani.


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