A Sneak Peak Into The Zany World Of  Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya

  1. It is the second in the proposed 3-project film franchise. The first was  Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya , the second Badrinath KiDulhniya(BKD) is almost live now. Don’t be surprised  if the third film is called  Varun Dhawan Ki Dulhaniya. There is good reasin to believe Varun will be married by the time the third ‘Dulhaniya’ film is released.
  2. Sneak previewers tell me the first-half of the film set in asmalltown in North India  is a laugh riot with Alia giving Varun’sbhaiyya accent tit for tat. Varun ahs apparently copied Govinda’s movies ditto.Alia has copied nobody.
  3. For the second act the narrative moves to Singapore, and loses some of its mojo. But it’s  still a lot of fun to see how Varun’s Badriwins his dishy dulhaniya.
  4. This Dharma Production acquires an added luster as it comes afterKaran Johar’s unexpected  fatherhood. As  one of Karan’s buddies states, “Alia is like Karan’s first child.So now she has two tiny siblings. There is an atmosphere of joy and celebration at DharmaProductions. That’s the atmosphere captured in the film as well.”
  5. Varun’s last release Dhishoom was a  home production where he played the spoilt brat. He pretty much plays the same character inBKD.An overgrown kid who can’t bear to hear no to anything he wants.Apart from Badlapur he  is cast every time as the endearing child-man.
  6. For Alia Bhatt this is completely uncharted territory. This film sees her playing nothing  like anything she has played before.
  7. There is a concentrated retro feel to the songs and dances, not only in the much-vaunted Tamma tamma number but also in title song which is a derivation of the Bihari folk song Chalat musafir moh liyore pinjrewali muniya used in Raj Kapoor’s Teesri Kasam in 1966.
  8. 2017 is  still to get its first  big hit.  Would  BKD be the first blockbuster of 2017?
  9. Varun’s  Dad David Dhawan saw BKD and loved it. But then, he would love anything Varun does. Rakesh Roshan thought his som’sKites was a  classic and Anil Kapoor couldn’t stop raving about his son in Mirzya.
  10. As  for the audiences, after Rangoon they would love ANYTHING.


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