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Soha Denies  Rift  Rumours With Kunal

On  Saturday we woke up to the disheartening news that Soha Ali Khan 14-month marriage with Kunal Khemu is already in trouble .

Not another one! We groaned, having seen a series of failed marriages and relationships in the film industry  in recent months.

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But Soha laughs off the rumours. “ The rift rumours are laughable.It started with a shot in the dark piece and then just took on a life of its own from fighting to filing for divorce. Kunal has been putting off filing his nails for ten days now.Forget filing for a divorce!”

Kunal and Soha
Kunal and Soha

Soha is determined to make sure that her marriage is for keeps.After all, she has seen her parents SharmilaTagore and the late Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi in solid marriage for 44 years.

“I’ve always felt when you are committed in a relationship, you have to work through the difficult times. I’ve seen my parents in a successful solid marriage for 44 years,” she says.

The actress is quite practical about marriage.

“There is no perfect relationship,” she says. “You have to work around the dissatisfaction. I am sure even my parents had their problems. They were completely different personalities but they must have worked on their marriage and made it work.”

“I never felt any insecurity regarding my parents’ marriage. They handled their issues and the public face of their marriage was very dignified. If I am a secure person today, it’s because of the marriage my parents shared. I’d certainly want my child whenever it happens, to feel the same sense of security,” she adds.


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