Sohail Khan On What Eid Means To The Khan Family

Eid is a  very special day for  Salman Khan’s family.

Salman’s brother Sohail Khan says he would be doing on Eid what he  does every day. “I’d step down and hop over to my parents’ and Salman in Galaxy Apartment.That’s where I am every day anyway. But on Eid the difference  is that we get lots of guests at home, people who care for us come visiting the whole day.It is their love for us that brings them home for Eid. They want to pay their respects to my parents, bond with us brothers and  sisters.”

This Eid the large Khan family has a new member: Sohail and Salman’s little sister Arpita’s son

Laughs  Sohail, “Yes it’s going to be a special Eid.  Bhai has a big release almost every  Eid.This year too there is a release. But Eid is not a time when we discuss movies at home. It’s family time.It’s time to just be together and share the joy of that togetherness.”

Sohail says there are certain occasions during the year when the entire family has to be together. “Eid is one  of them. My father and my mother’s birthday is also a time when the entire family, all us three brothers two sisters and the rest of the family must get together. For Eid and for family birthdays Salman Bhai makes it a  point to be home if possible.”

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