Sohail Khan: “I’m Sorry”


The Khan brothers seem to be losing their cool  when asked about Salman’s purported marriage with Romanian model Lulia Vantur.

On Thursday night outside an eatery  in Mumbai Sohail Khan was seen hurling abuses and insults at a young female television reporter who dared to ask Sohail and his dad Salim Khan the dreaded ‘M’ question about Salman,

In his defence Sohail says he did it protect his father from being harangued at midnight. “The incident on Thursday night was extremely unnecessary and unfortunate. But in my defence I must say I only got concerned and protective towards my father because some young  reporters  charged at him with mikes, lights and irrelevant  questions.”

As a protective son Sohail felt concerned for his father. “They(the paparazzi) restricted him from getting into his car. He was tired and needed his space after a long day.Surely  he needs his privacy at his age.”

Sohail says he initially responded mildly to the paparazzi’s invasion. “Initially I was polite, and requested them to give my father the respect that he deserve.But when I didn’t see that happening, the protective son emerged and I got assertive with my words and asked them to back off.”

Sohail says he’s sorry about the incident. “If I have offended anyone, my sincere apologies,  they were doing  they’re job, and I was doing my job,as a son.”

Salman Khan at a press conference on Friday afternoon defended Sohail’s behaviour.  “12 o’clock in the night you want to know whether I’m getting married or not?”

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