Sohail Khan Rubbishes Reports Of Directing Kapil Sharma, What Next For Kapil?

A morning-time report on Wednesday in a leading newspaper claiming Kapil Sharma will make his comeback in a film directed by Sohail Khan has been vehemently denied by Sohail.

Responding to this writer Sohail Khan says, “I know of no such project.”

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A source very close to Kapil adds, “Those who don’t know Kapil well would presume he’s planting these stories to stay in the news. The truth is,Kapil is not doing another feature film for a very long time. He is rightly convinced that one of the reasons his career reached a deadend so suddenly was because he was sailing in two boats, trying to keep up with the impossible schedules for his television show while shooting for a feature film. He fell flat on his face.”

The source close to Kapil says the comic virtuoso’s full attention would now be on recreating the magic of The Kapil Sharma Show all over again.

“He is working on it. New and familiar talent is being accumulated.We will hear an announcement soon,” says the source.

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