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Some backstage secrets of Amitabh Bachchan’s KBC will surprise you !



KBC next session is round the corner, have you ever wondered that what happens at the backstage of Kaun Banega Crorepati!

For those who are curious or sceptical to know it , we give you point to point account of the same. We dig out this Quora post of brother of one of the contestant and you will be surprised to know some of these unknown facts

1. Big B looks far more fair in person than on camera.

2. He comes exactly on time which for a moment made me think the direct relationship between his discipline and success

3. Big B’s clothes on the set are single piece made directly from the company designers and are worth more than 10+ lakhs..!

4. The KBC set looks like an abandoned bunker or atleast like a garrage from outside. However, the crew maintains perfectly balanced Air conditioning inside it.

5. Post 2012, the set has been shifted to YRF , up till then, it was in film city, goregaon.

6. The set of popular TV serial ” Tarak mehta ka ulta chashma” is also close by and the known Gokul dhaam society is visible from the common road.

7. When Big B arrives on the set, he is escorted to his cabin where he is detailed about the background of each contestants.

8. He goes through the script which appears on screen and thus gets ready for episode. Meanwhile contestants are also being dressed. Everything happens with perfect balance.
9. There is another cabin not adjacent to big B’s cabin, where the contestant who has recently quit/won/lost the game, is made to sit till the shoot is over. There also sits the Sony channel official, who validates the authenticity or transparency of the show.

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10. The guy who puts the question in the computer in real time ( big speakers present) also sits with his macbook and other gadgets (sits comfortably on floor with smiling face due to paucity of space) in that crowded cabin.

11. The shoot also faces frequent disturbances from the sparrows sound above the hot seat glass tranquilliser. The shoot remains halted till the staffs make rod sounds to scare them away and avoid their voice getting recorded.

12. Big B keeps the environment very jovial, and never let’s the crowd sit silent for long. He keeps cracking jokes. However , I sat in his vicinity from 7 a.m till 9 p.m for two long days and was a bit bored.

13. The set has the facility to serve food for all the audience, staff and every single person involved free of cost.

14. The famous entrance through which AB appears in the beginning is nothing but few steps on right angle. The camera is focussed towards the background screen.

15. At the end, contestant’s companion are allowed for the much awaited, time to meet and talk Mr.AB . He spends sometime , talks about family , accepts gifts if any, gives blessing to younger ones and meanwhile photographers keep clicking you. He also doesn’t mind giving autograph on every piece of paper you have got that time.

At the end , you will be satisfied with their transparency and professional service which they maintain till your account is credited and they remain in touch till they give you feedback about the broadcast and inform about the TRP ratings of the episode from contestant’s hometown.

This post was taken from from Quora, and was written by Om Pranav (

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