My Son Made A Mistake, Will Issue A Public Apology: Udit Narayan

Renowned singer Udit Narayan was in Haryana when all hell broke loose regarding his only son Aditya Narayan’s misconduct with airline personnel on Raipur airport.

Udit woke up in shock to read about his  son’s misadventure inblunderland.

Says  the mortified father, “I was unaware  of the developments until someone told me about it. I couldn’t believe it. Aditya is  not  like that at all. Though he’s our own only child my wife Deepa and I have  brought  him up with the correct values. So I was skeptical about the truth of the incident until someone showed me  the  video…What can I say? We’ve all lost our cool at the airport  at some point or another.Aditya was unfortunate enough to have been caught on video.”

Not that Udit is justifying his  son’s behaviour. “Not at all! If Aditya has misbehaved it is wrong.As soon as I get back to Mumbai I will have him  issue a public apology. Right now he’s very very scared and nervous. Making it worse is the attack from all corners as though he has committed a major crime. I agree it’s wrong to misbehave in public. But in my humble opinion it’s equally wrong to attack someone who is caught on the wrong foot.Aditya is a self-made child. He never took my help in anything he has achieved.Whatever he has achieved , is on his own merit.We are proud of him.”

While the protective father goes all-out to defend his son there are many in the entertainment industry who believe Aditya Narayan has  become too big for his  boots.

“Everyone knows about his bragging, womanizing , clubbing and  hedonistic  lifestyle. Everyone  except his father maybe,” says a leading singer.


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