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Sonakshi Strikes Down Kangana’s Nepotism Narrative, Shatrughan Sinha Reacts



 Without naming  anyone , Sonakshi Sinha presumably hit out at Kangana Ranaut commenting at  the  irony   of  the  nepotism debate being fuelled  by someone  whose career is managed by her sister.

Interestingly Sonakshi’s  father  Shatrughan Sinha  had recently  expressed great admiration for Kangana Ranaut during a television  debate, calling her gutsy and honest, etc.

On Sonakshi’s comments  Shatrughan Sinha says, “Firstly my daughter hasn’t taken any name.She is  far more sensible than me. I need to learn  diplomacy from her. Secondly, what she thinks is her opinion and she’s entitled  to it. I  neither have to agree  or disagree with her  opinion, just as she doesn’t have  to concur with my opinion. My wife Punam and I   have brought  up our child  to think  individually and independently.”

Shatruji is  proud  of what  Sonakshi has  achieved. “She has achieved  everything on  her own. I  never produced a  film to launch her  because  no one  produced a film  to launch me. Khud  apni zindagi banane  ka mazaa  hi kuch aur hai(the thrill  of  forging your own path is  something else).”

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