Sonali Bendre Healing Well, Expected  Back In December

Says Old Friend & Colleague Namrata Shirodkar

Namrata Shirodkar and Sonali Bendre  have a lot in common. They are both beautiful  Maharashtrian actresses who gave  up their careers for  marriage  and  motherhood.

After many  years Namrata met up with  Sonali in New York where  the latter  is  undergoing  treatment  for her medical condition.

Namrata who spent a  good two hours with Sonali says the rendezvous was memorable. “She is a  strong girl . She looks amazingly fit and ready to resume normal life.I had such a lovely time. We  discussed so many things. She told me  the entire story of her illness and what gives her the strength  to deal with it strongly.I told her she’s always in my prayers.”

Namrata  felt a deep bonding  with Sonali.  “Just like she’s so typically  Maharashtrian in so  many ways. We chatted about everything under the sun. We  laughed over  some shared  recollections in the past.”

Namrata  hopes to meet Sonali again very soon. “In  fact my son Gautam and I were to meet Sonali and her son Ranvir and husband Goldie. Goldie and Ranvir are flying down to New York. Unfortunately  my family and I are out of New York for two days. But Sonali and I have promised one another  a walk in Central Park. We will do that soon.”

Namrata did’t take  a photograph  of her meeting with Sonali. “I didn’t think it was  proper. But I wanted  to.”

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