Sonam Kapoor On Vegetarianism

There are reports in some section of the media that Sonam Kapoor has recently converted to vegetarianism.

 But Sonam says she has been a vegetarian for some time now. “It’s not a new development.I stopped eating meat 4-5 years ago. What has happened now is that I’ve stopped taking milk and milk products.I am lacto-sensitive.A lot of people are lacto-sensitive.But they don’t realize it.”
As for vegetarianism, it is something which Sonam is not espousing. “I am not saying it is good or not good to be a vegetarian. To each his or her own. In my own home my mother is a strict vegetarian, always has been.And I’ve taken after her, I guess. But my dad is not a vegetarian. But he only eats white meat. So I guess everyone has his or her own dietary rhythm to follow. We can’t make hard and fast rules about it.”

Not that Sonam minds speaking out on social issues. “For me art is related to what is happening  in our society.I am very grateful for the platform I’ve been given. It’s a responsibility. There are lots of young boys and girls who look up to me. If I keep quiet on an issue I believe all those who believe in  me they will  feel let down. So yes, I am not afraid of expressing my opinion.”

But Sonam is aware the platform to express myself comes with a responsibility. “And I take my  responsibility very very seriously. I will never speak on individuals. It will be issues that affect our country . I am so thoroughly Indian. I love my country, But that doesn’t mean I’ll lie about its weaknesses. I am not blinded by my love for my country.I am so glad I don’t have yes-men around me.When they surround you with flattery you stop growing. The same is true of India.We can’t just keep praising everything falsely. We can’t grow that way.”

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