Sonam Kapoor’s Godmother Shabana Would Have To Skip The Wedding

Shabana Azmi who is a very close friend of Boney and Anil Kapoor  would have to miss the big day in Anil’s daughter Sonam’s life.

On May 8 when Sonam gets married Shabana would be in Chicago.

Speaking from the US Shabana says, “Alas !I can’t attend my darling Sonam’s wedding .I was committed to be here in the US from three months in advance. Sonam’s wedding date changed twice and this is a commitment I can’t skip.”

However Shabana hasn’t missed out on all the festivities back home. “I was with Anil, Sunita and Sonam before I left . Such fun!There was much dance practice ,laughter and good cheer all around.”

Shabana recalls her long association with the Kapoors. “Anil and his wifeSunita have been friends with Jadu(Javed Akhtar) and me for 30 years.When Sonam first told her father she wanted to be an actor Anil sent her to me to dissuade her.I ended up doing the opposite.I totally encouraged her to follow her heart, much to Anil’s exasperation.”

For the wedding Shabana’s Other Half ,Javed Akhtar will be there

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