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Sonam’s Sweetheart To Design Sneakers For Her Label



That  Sonam Kapoor’s boyfriend Anand Ahuja is  inching towards becoming an integral part of Anil Kapoor’s family has been proven multiple times recently, what with the young man gracing every important occasion in the Kapoor family.

Now comes the  news that Sonam and Anand ​are joining hands for a  business venture. No, Anand is not getting into film production.  He will be designing shoes and sneakers for Sonam and her sister Rhea’s label Rheson which manufactures and markets clothes for women.

Anand  is a Delhi-based entrepreneur with  his fingers in many pies  including clothes fashion etc. He  is a very creative person and will be designing footwear for Sonam and her sister Rhea that would suit the budget of young people.

Anand’s designer sneakers would be the first of many projects he plans for Sonam and her sister.

“The  idea is  for Anand to get into Sonam’s business ventures in whatever  way he is comfortable. The designer-sneakers are a step into the Kapoor’s business ventures.Anand  will be seen to be increasingly active in Sonam’s  sphere  of activity, whether  personal  or professional,” says  a source close to the family.

And yes, marriage is definitely on the cards.


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