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Sonu Sood’s Elder Son In Father’s Footsteps



Sonu Sood

Philantropist-actor Sonu Sood needn’t worry about his  charitable  work being carried forward. His son  Eshaan seems  to be quite  a  chip off the old block. Apparently  the  boy takes a keen interest in  of his dad’s  charitable work, and even monitors some of the crisis when Pa is  unavailable.

Says Sonu Sood proudly, “I am  happy to have a family which believes in the work that I do. The workload  is never-ending. I  don’t know when my day begins  and ends and  I am unable to give time to my family. Luckily for me they understand. They see what I am  doing and they are  proud of me. My elder son  is now actively involved. He takes charge when I am  not around. When people come home  with  their  distress and I am not there , my son  listens to their  requests and acts  accordingly.”

Sonu Sood says the best  part  of  the reputation he has acquired as a philanthropist is the trust. “To the needy I’ve become the one-stop go-to person. The other day a  lady from Chennai came to me after  her heart surgery. I asked her  if she needed money to pay for the surgery. She  told me no, she needed  post-surgery medicines  that were not available. She  said to me, ‘I was wondering what to do when people  told me to  go straight to you.’  This faith that  people have in my is my greatest source  of strength.”

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