Sonu Sood In a Legal Budge Over Railgaddi Song

Producer-actor Sonu Sood currently in the midst of releasing his new film Tutak Tutal Tutiya finds himself facing a legal notice over the song Railgaddi in the film which has been filmed on Sood, Prabhudheva and Esha Gupta.

Raye Singh Ahluwalia, a producer of Punjabi films claims the song is ripped off from his Punjabi film Dushmani Dee Aag.

But Sonu Sood pleads innocence,

Sighing loudly over the unwanted problem he says, “This is the last thing I would want right now. It’s totally uncalled for and it has no validity at all.The song Railgaddi is the property of the poet Dr Bal Sidhu who stays in London. We flew to London to get the rights of the song from Dr Sidhu.We have nothing to  do with this gentleman who claims the song is his.”

Adds Sonu,  “I handpicked all the songs in Tutak Tutak Tutiya. I am not a stranger to copyright laws. Whenever I’ve used old songs I’ve sourced it to the original and obtained the material legally. In fact I want to know if this person who claims the Railgaddi song to be his actually took permission from Dr Sidhu for the song.”

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