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Sonu Sood Meets Bihari Fan, Gives Him Invaluable Gyan



 There are  stars who are considerate with fans. And then there is Sonu Sood. The way he  met Armaan, his fan from Begusarai in Bihar who set off on his bicycle from Bihar  to meet Sonu in Mumbai and was airlifted midway, says  a whole lot about Sonu’s immense  love and respect for the masses.

 Armaan  reached  Mumbai  on  Wednesday afternoon. He was received by the ground staff at the airport  like  a VIP, whisked  out  with his bicycle  and  driven to Sonu’s residence for  a meeting with his  idol.

Sonu’s  warm welcome  left  the  boy in a daze.

Says Armaan, “It’s my life’s mission to meet people who make  a difference  to the lives of the poor.And Sonu Sir ranks right at the  top of my list.  He is so grounded. And so genuine. My  mother and I would read about him in the papers  back in my home town Begusarai .My mother said, ‘It’s easy to give some money to the needy if you have it. But to  do what Sonu Sir is doing, to  make sure that  the distressed are completely out of their  distress, is  a big thing.’ I decided then and there that I must meet  him. And now my dream has come  true. What Sonu Sir did for Bihari migrants  during the  lockdown, ensuring that they reach home,  providing them  food  and even money  ,  is something no politician from  Bihar has done.”

 Says Sonu,  “I made sure Armaan went  home happy. My only advice to him was to  just keep doing  good in life and one day he  will achieve his dreams.”

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