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Sonu Sood On Being Honoured By Spicejet



An entire SpiceJet aircraft has been painted with a message praising Sonu Sood  for his philanthropic work. The  message reads, “A Salute To The  Saviour Sonu Sood.”

Sounding deeply  moved  Sonu Sood says, “It’s phenemonal…the whole  experience of seeing myself  painted on an aircraft…I’ve never seen anything like this.  I hope I’ve done  something to  deserve  this. The  love  and  respect  I’m getting cannot be  equaled by my work. Lots of duasprayers and best wishes are working.  Otherwise  so many other people try to help the needy. They don’t get  the love I’m getting.”

Sonu Sood  remembers  coming to Mumbai without  the money to  buy himself an air ticket.  “I remember coming from  my home town Moga in  Punjab to Mumbai in train without reservation. In the middle of  the night when I was sitting in  a corner  of that train a man came to me and said, ‘Mumbai is not an easy  city to live in.’ I remember telling him , ‘I am  going to Mumbai with my  parents’ blessings. I will make  it happen.’ When  today this happens I believe  my parents’ prayers  did the trick.”

  Sonu Sood misses  his parents’ presence specially  during these moments of triumph. “I hope they  are watching this. I want them  to know it’s happening only  because  of them. They are my guiding angels. I  wish they here to see their son’s face on that  aircraft.”

  Every day the number  of the needy asking for favours increases.How does Sonu Sood deal with  nuisance demands,like guys asking him to meet their girlfriends  during the lockdown  or a guy  desirous  of Sood  arranging his marriage?  “I deal with it  humorously, lightly. No person reaching out to me for help should feel insulted, no matter how far-fetched  the  demand. I am really happy and grateful. I feel I am  on  the  right path.’

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