Sonu Sood Says No To Politics!

Sonu Sood  is distressed at  how much meaning is being read into his late-night  meeting  with  Maharashtra CM’s Uddhav Thackeray and his son Aditya..

There are “confirmed  rumours” floating around  that  Sonu would soon be  joining  a political party, in all probability the  Bharatiya Janta Party. In fact sources  from the  Central government confirm that  the High Command is indeed keen  on  having Sood on board.

But   the   Emissary  Of  Altruism is just not interested  in  getting into politics.

“I have absolutely no interest  in politics. I have no intentions of  getting affiliated to  any political  party. Main jahan se apna kaam kar raha hoon wahin  theek hoon,” says Sonu.

As  for the political doubters  who  read ulterior motives in Sonu Sood’s efforts to reach thousands  of migrants  from the cities to their homes, Sonu says,  “I won’t let these elements  affect me. I’ve learnt to swim with the tide, and against  the tide, as per  the  need of  the  hour.”

A  lot  of Sonu Sood’s  followers  on Twitter  have demanded a bio-pic on Sonu Sood.

When I asked him whom he would  like to play Sonu Sood  a bio-pic on his life Sonu said. “If and when that happens I’d love to play myself.”

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