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Sonu Sood: “To Have An Educational Department Named After Me Is The Most Special Things To Happen To Me”



One has never seen Sonu Sood  , no stranger to  honours  accolades and  recognition during the  past nine months, so   happy  as now when the Arts  & Humanities department of  the SaratChandra  College in Andhra Pradesh has been re-named after Sonu Sood.

Overwhelmed Sonu  doesn’t hide his emotions when I contact him. “Shall I tell tell you something,Sir? It’s  the  proudest and happiest moment in my life. My mother was  a professor. She taught  children free of cost all her life. She always wanted  scholarships  and  student welfare  plans to be named after her in different colleges. She used to say to me, ‘Sonu. when you help  one member of a family to get educated you automatically help  the  generations  to come.’ So that was her dream.and I am now  living her dream with her blessings.”

 To have  a department in a  college  being named after him is  not a  small matter  for Sonu. “This  is an institute which has  produced the maximum number of IAS  and IPS officers. To have them then re-name  the Arts & Humanities department as  the Sonu Sood department  of Arts  and Humanities  is the  greatest  honour of my  of life.”

More than  himself  Sonu is  happy to make his mother happy.  “I know she is  smiling down  from above. My  mom and dad must be really happy . They must be  thinking they  raised  me  the right away for their  value system to have a such rippling affect on  my  life.”

Sonu feels there are two areas  of our our life that needs serious attention.  “I always knew  healthcare  and  education needed  close  attention in  our country. Now that  I’m a part the  healthcare  and education activity I can see how much attention  is required. It’s a long road ahead. Every family should  adopt  at least  one student  and educate her or him in whatever field  he  or she chooses. There  is a lot  of work ahead  in these two areas of our life  and every student  getting  a degree  is a  mission  accomplished.”

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