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Sonu Sood To Work For Covid Orphans



Sonu Sood To Work For Covid Orphans 6

Come  praise or flak, Sonu Sood continues  to  work relentlessly  for the Covi- affected. Sonu’s restless attention  has now shifted   to  those children  whose parents  have  succumbed to the  pandemic.

In an exclusive  conversation with this writer Sonu says, “I am aware   of  the  growing  situation.  It is serious. I am  in touch with those families, those  children who have lost their parents. I had also made a  request  to the state governments to make  the  education  of  Covid orphans  free and also   to provide some  kind  of regular pension  for those  families which  have  lost their earning members.I am glad it’s happening.”

 Sonu is happy to note that  the  State governments have  reacted quickly to  the crisis. “11-12 states   have already  announced  free education for kids, and some pension. But I think much more  needs to be done in this  matter. Efforts to  help Covid orphans need  to be more consolidated.  We need  to find a more permanent  financial  solution to the crisis. Compensation and pension  should go to not only to children  in government  schools but also in private  schools. Orphaned  children  are  equally  vulnerable   in every  situation. Why  look at only children  in government schools?”

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 Sonu is  working on solving this government-versus-private situation. “A strict law  should make it mandatory to give equal attention and compensation to children in all schools. We are  trying to gather  data  on all the  kids who are  thus  affected, and we are trying to  do our best for them.”

Also, Sonu feels more help is  needed  on the  civilian -individual level. “Every family  who can afford it should consider adopting one such Covid orphan.”