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Sonu Sood: “Yes , My Role Has Been Changed…I Am Getting A Completely Different Treatment On Location At Hyderabad”



Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood  has landed in Hyderabad to shoot   after  a gap of six months.  During this time his  life has  changed completely.

Says Sonu from Hyderabad, “It feels  completely different. It’s totally magical on the set here  in Hyderabad  where  I’ve come  to  shoot  for Telugu film Kandireega. The way  the cast and  crew   welcomed me…it was  overwhelming. There are  people constantly  coming  on  the  sets  to meet me , and not just  from  Hyderabad  but different  cities.  It feels so wonderful to have  made a contact with  people   across India  through my work and for them to  come back  and show me such love  and respect when I am shooting as an actor.”

Sonu Sood’s role in Kandireega is  no longer what  it was  six  months ago. “Yes, it has been seriously and drastically modified.I now have a  completely different  role in terms  of  scope  and  impact.In fact  the  film’s  DOP(director  of  photography)  was  just telling me that the film will get a  completely different opening at  the boxoffice now. I think I’m blessed that  I was chosen to do the  work to help the  distressed.My  name as an actor  helped me  to help the needy. Now  my name as someone  who  helps the needy may  help my films.”

In-between shooting at  Hyderabad Sonu is getting all his charity work  done as usual.  “Even this  morning  I lined  up three surgeries.The night before I  was up till1 am talking  to various members  of  my team  to ensure  nothing  gets affected  while I shoot.Nothing  regarding my work with the distressed will change while I shoot for my  film.”

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