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Sonu Sood’s Book Being Trashed by Trolls, Sonu Laughs Off The Crab Mentality



Sonu Sood

Ours is the  only  corner  of  the earth where  watching  anyone work to better  the society is  seen with  prejudiced suspicious eyes. So it  is  with Sonu Sood who  did more for migrants and other distressed  communities of  Hindustan in 2020 than any other  Indian.

 Not surprisingly his autobiography  I Am No Messiah released  last week by Amazon is being attacked  by a section  of the social media which  specializes in pulling down those who are  of use to  our country.

But Sonu is  unfazed. “Those are  paid trolls. The  book is doing phenomenally  well.  As for being criticized  for calling myself a  messiah, I  would  never dream of extolling myself. In fact I discourage fans  from calling me by  such unworthy epithets.”

Sonu says he is  not going  to be  cowed down  by such savage negativity. “I always ignore the negativity. It is  the only way to keep moving forward  do the work I believe in. I believe I’ve been sent to  this earth  with and  for a purpose.I will continue my work. Being called  a messiah or  being trolled  for being  called a messiah are not my  concern.”

Sonu  says he  couldn’t believe when a book was announced  chronicling his experiences as a messiah  of the migrants. “It made me feel special. My mother always  used  to keep a diary recording  all the  important  dates and events in my life. She always  told me the importance  of keeping  a record. Whatever happened in  2020 was  to me the  most important  thing ever  in my life. My  mother is no more with me  to share what I went through in 2020. In  way the book is my diary for my mother.”

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The  book is also a way of connecting with people. “It  helped  me re-connect with all the people  I connected  with last year. I am happy to be doing the book.(Journalist) Meena  Iyer who has been a friend for  so many years, made it happen.She agreed to  co-author  the  book.”

Sonu  dedicates the  book to all the  people  who came into his life during the past year. “They helped me to  become  the person that  I  am today. If they had not reached out to me I wouldn’t have realized how  much  I  derived and benefited from working with  them.”

Sonu admits he has been approached for   a bio-pic on his life. “But it is too early to talk about  it.We are still looking at the  project.”