Sophie Choudry’s Horror Experience With Driver

After the trauma that the Malayali actress suffered in the hands of her former driver and his accomplices, other  women from the Indian entertainment industry have come forward with their own staff trauma.

Actress-singer Sophie Choudry faced an ordeal of her own after she sacked her driver.

Recounting the horrific incident Sophie says, “I once had a replacement driver who turned out to be obsessive and unstable. When I sacked him after a couple of weeks, he filed a police complaint that I hadn’t paid him and he brought the press outside my house. They of course need any excuse to cover such stories about celebs. Months later that man killed himself.The electronic media should have focused on the fact that he was the problem, not me! Fortunately I was safe but we try to take extra care about the staff we hire.”

Safety, feels Sophie, is an issue even in  a work-friendly city. “I always used to feel that Mumbai is one of the safest cities in the world , and compared to many other cities it is. The problem is the inherently disrespectful, shameful attitudes towards women across the country that makes men believe it’s okay to behave however they want. If a woman spurns a man, she becomes a target, if she is dressed in western attire she is easy-to-get,  so on and so forth. The molestation incident brings to light the fact that it doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity and  have access to better security.You are still vulnerable.”

Sophie takes all precautions when stepping out. “I always inform my mum where I’m going and whom with, my car is always locked when I’m inside and I don’t venture out alone late at night to unknown places. One has to be sensible because I have to take care of my own safety and not depend on others.”

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