Sorry, No Sonakshi Sinha In Housefull 4


It could bethe caseofthe marketing team on overdrive. ButproducerSajidNadiadwalawonders wherethetalkofSonakshiSinha being partofHousefull4started.

I havent evenmether, let alone offer her a role, saysNadiadwalaincredulously.

Thisfaux-casting brings into the limelight the whole culture of throwing names into the casting net for no rhyme or reason. Manybig project have random actors names being unnecessarily attachedby their PR/marketing team.

At the momentSonakshiSinhawitha strings of duds behind her might feeltheneed to be associated with abig projectlikeHousefull4. But here isthething : it will star exactlytheactors fromthethree earlyHousefullfilms, no more noless.

Says Nadiadwala,Yes, thats right we intendtobring back theentire castfromthe theearlierHousefullfilms. Of courseJiaKhan is no longer withus. God bless her soul. But all the rest are on.

The ideaforHousefull4came toNadiadwalaina flash. I just thought weve seensomany serious intense romantic films on the theme of reincarnation , you knowMadhumati,KarzetcWhy not a funny take onpunar-janam? That was my idea. Ishared it with my story writers. I thought they would take atleast a year or two to crack it . But they came up with aterrific plot within no time. So yeah, here we are all set to do ariproaringtake on reincarnation.

This timeSajidNadiadwalahas brought backSajidKhan to direct. The twohad a fall-out after the first twoHousefullfilms andthird segmentof the franchise wasdirected bySajid-Farhad.

Nadiadwalabelieves in letting bygones bebygones. We are looking ahead atmaking the most expensive comedy ever to come from our production house.Housefull4will be set in two time zones. One will be in the current times. Theother will be set inBaahubaliera where all the characters will getinto costumes.

Thats a cool thought to hold onto until Diwali 2019 when thefilm will release.

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