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Spot The Sameness Between Salman Khan and Kartik Aaryan



Salman Khan and  Kartik Aaryan

Besides the fact that they are both superstar in their own right, what binds Kartik Aaryan and  Salman Khan together is that they   let their  parent   handle all their finances.

Kartik doesn’t spend a penny  without his mother’s  consent. To this day, all of Salman’s finances are  handled  by his father Salim Khan.Salman never spent a single paisa without his father’s consent. For a  while,   he  had employed a business manager to handle his financial transactions. She was sacked. And  Salman’s brother  Sohail took over. But Sohail has his hands full with his own  work and family.

So now Salim Saab(Salman’s father) takes care  of all of Salman’s  business transaction.The  arrangement suits Salman, and he is very happy with it. Salim Saab has a good head  for money and a  brilliant script sense. He instinctively knows which projects Salman  should take up.

Salim Khan has always been very supportive of Salman and has stood by him during his best and worst times. The entire Khan-daan is extremely close-knit and come together whenever there is a crisis. Of course, Salman’s career is going great guns and his popularity is high as ever but there is no harm in getting words of wisdom and guidance from the man who has seen it all, is there?

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