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Sri Reddy’s Lurid Description Alleged Sexual Encounters Shames The Telugu Film Industry



This  business of naming and  shaming  the who’s-who of  the Tamil and Telugu film industry by starlet Sri Reddy  is  pissing  off the entire South Indian film industry.

Sources  in positions of power  in the Tamil and Telugu industry are  now considering taking legal recourse to restrain  SriReddy’s random randy revelations.

In her  latest  post which is apparently about Tamil  star Vishal  Krishna she mentions she  knows his “colour and  size”

The post reads, “One more big celebrity is there in nadiagar sangam,who harrassed heroines including side actresses for sexual favours..infront of media he is talking very clever,i saw today..but remember mr.fake perfect,I wl not leave you..I know your size nd color too..i wl prove to media also nd to the lawyers also..i hv pakka proof..u do what you can do..u gave money too to few women after u slept forcibly,do u think u are ruling Tamil film industry &nadiagarsangam&producer council?”

While  refusing to comment directly on Ms Reddy’s post Vishal Krishna does  point out the  absurdity  of  targeting people  without proof. “She(Sri Reddy) will have to come  up with evidence  to substantiate her allegations. These sleazy  posts are not helping the MeToo cause,  only bringing notoriety  to the lady’s  reputation. Maybe she thinks by talking  like this she will get roles. But she is wrong.Roles are  given for merit in any film industry, not for extraneous reasons.”

Vishal feels  such arbitrary accusations are  bringing a bad  name  to the MeToo movement. “We are  all for  outing  sexual predators. But  naming and  blaming randomly  is  not only  unconstitutional  but also unethical.”

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