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Sridevi Suffered From Fainting Spells



The mystery of the legendary  Sridevi’s death in the bathtub just got a  little less baffling .  In a new interesting biography  on  the mythical  actress  entitled Sridevi: The  Eternal  Goddess  author  Satyarth Nayak  reveals that Sridevi suffered  from fainting spells  brought on by a low-blood pressure  condition.

In a chat with me Nayak says, “Both (director)Pankaj  Parasher  (whom Sridevi worked with in one of  her most  beloved  film Chaalbaaz) and  (actor) Nagarjuna  told me that she had  low bloodpressure issues.Both said while work on their films she  fainted in  the bathroom. Then I met Srideviji’s niece Maheshwari.She  also said she had  found Sriji collapsed in the bathroom, her face bleeding. Boney Sir(Sridevi’s husband producer Boney  Kapoor)  also told me that Sriji would  suddenly collapse while walking. As  I said, she  was battling low bloodpressure.”

 This revelation does  put an end  to  the speculation that had  erupted after Sridevi  allegedly  drowned in  a bath-tub in  her hotel room in Dubai on 24 February 2018.

Would  the conspiratorial whispers  now die down? 

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