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Sridevi’s Daughter & Shahid’s Brother Spending ‘Sairat’ Time



Together On Karan Johar’s Say-So

These days the paparazzi  in Mumbai gets  to see a lot of the pretty Jahnvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khattar together .

While the gossip mongers are having a field day may we remind them that Jahnvi and Ishaan are going to make  their combined debut in Karan  Johar’s remake of Nagaraj Manjule’s Marathi superhit Sairat?

Says a  source very close to Dharma Productions, “Can’t star kids have fun without the paps breathing down their  necks? Sure,Jahnvi and Ishaan are a very goodlooking pair and seeing them  together ignites the  curiosity  of the onlookers. That’s good a thing, right?”


“But what these gawkers, oglers and careless whisperers don’t know is that Karan Johar has asked them to spend  as much time together as possible.  It is part of their preparation for the Sairat remake. If you’ve seen the original film you’d know that half the film shows the couple living together. In the original, the lead pair Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar actually lived in director Nagaraj Manjule’s  house together for many months before the shooting together so that they looked comfortable together. That being impossible for Ishaan and Jahnvi , they are being asked to do the next best thing.Spend quality time together.”

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