Sridevi’s Sister Eerily Quiet On The Tragedy

A  strange  silence of secrecy  shrouds the sudden and shocking death of Sridevi in a hotel room in Dubai. Friends and relatives are  unusually tense and nervous  about speaking on her sudden death.

When I spoke to a very close family member who is generally most forthright and voluble, he mumbled, “I can’t say anything right now. Sorry.” And  he hung up.

The cremation which was to be held at 11 am in Mumbai stands indefinitely postponed as the Dubai police is yet to give the  body clearance  to be taken back to India,thereby lending credence to the belief that there is more to Sridevi’s shockingly untimely death in a hotel room in Dubai than meets the eye.

The  forensic report from Dibai says she died by “accidental drowning” . But how and why did she drown?

Questions that are being asked by Sridevi’s concerned  friends include, “Was Boney Kapoor really with her at the time of the tragedy? Or was she alone in the room when death rushed in on her? His explanation for leaving her  in Dubai to return to Mumbai and then flying back to Dubai for a “surprise  dinner” sounds  really lame. If she was alone , what really happened to her? And why is Sridevi’s sister Latha so quiet on the tragedy? Why has she not spoken on the terrible tragedy?”

 Sources say Latha plans to speak up in  the next 48 hours .And what she will say will be explosive and damning.

There are questions about this catastrophic tragedy  that are being asked with growing urgency.And no one  from the Kapoor  is willing to answer right now.

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