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Stallone To Make An Appearance In Tiger Shroff’s Rambo?

As Tiger Shroff gets ready to play Sylvester Stallone’s role in the desire make of Stallone’s first ‘Rambo’ film First Blood which was released in 1982, two questions are being repeatedly asked by fans.

Why a First Blood remake 35 years later? And secondly, would Stallone make an appearance in  Tiger’s belated remake?

Buzz is that Stallone who has made an appearance in  the SajidNadiadwala-produced , Sabbir Khan-directed Akshay-Kareena starrerKambhakkt Ishq in 2009, will be seen making a brief appearance in Tiger’s Rambo. Stallone has tweeted his approval of the SiddharthAnand-directed 35-year late remake.

The fact that Sajid and Sabbir, still in touch wth Stallone, forged Tiger’s debut film and are very protective of him would help bring Stallone to Tiger’s tale.

Tiger is all for the idea of having Stallone in the desi Rambo. “Why not? It’d be great. Right now I am just super-excited about stepping into Mr Stallone’s shoes. It’s a formidable place to be in.We all know what the first Rambo  film meant to the series.”

Tiger would begin work on his physique soon. “It has to be a different body type. More muscular and athletic.”

The role was first offered by director Siddharth Anand to HrithikRoshan. It makes Tiger even more awed. “First stepping into Mr Stallone’s role  and then stepping into a place where my idol was supposed to be…what more could I ask for?”

Tiger looks forward to sharing screen space with Hrithik soon.

“That would be  a dream come true,” sighs the fan-boy.


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