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Stuck at home in the midst of a #Coronavirus episode? Here are 7 OTT web shows to binge on!



While India is battling Coronavirus by shutting malls, public spaces, theatres and parks and curbing large gatherings, a majority of Indian businesses too have issued work from home advisories keeping in mind employee safety! Come to think of it, being indoors can be highly productive – you wake up late, there’s no traffic to beat, no anxiety to get to work by sharp 9:30 am, you can avoid eating your cafeteria’s boring food and so much more! All you need to really do is focus on your work and get your creative and intellectual juices flowing! But but but, doing a whole lot of that too can take a toll and while we are home-bound, a little break here and there would do a world of good!

So, when you’re taking your next work break, think of catching up on some fun web-series and treat yourself to a good laugh! You deserve it! Here are 7 web-series to get you started –

1.       Four More Shorts by Amazon Prime Video–  If you would like yourself to be empowered of what you can still do, or even try to do despite being at home, such as finding your individuality, then Four More Shorts is the perfect watch for all women out there!. Turing your home quarantine time to reflect about your own life, can be a wise choice! No? The story of Bani, a small town Punjabi girl who leaves her home one day, to become a fearless trainer in Mumbai. Still connected to her roots, but making something of herself is what she will always be proud of and that’s what the web series is all about!

2.       Operation MBBS by Dice Media – Have you ever just sat by the window with a cup of chai and remembered your life journey? Who were you a decade ago and how far have you come today? Isn’t it important to do that, just to be grateful to the universe? If you agree with us, then  Operation MBBS by Dice Media is just about the perfect web show for you to stream, to relive those times, of struggles and challenges, the fun, the love, the friendships you made and oh yes, the achievements. Operation MBBS is a story of three first-year medical students from different walks of life and how they come together to cope with the realities of this profession and ace the game anyhow! No, there’s no blood or skeletons! But, a whole of fun and perspective!

3.       Mr & Mrs by TVF – If you would like to just laugh and have a fun time with family, Mr & Mrs will give you that perfect comedy. The characters Sanju and Madhu, are just the cutest couple, with an unquestionable hilarious chemistry, taking you on a lighter journey!. Mr and Mrs move your focus to family entertainment, and that can be real fun too! So, gather your entire family, a bag of good old popcorn and some drinks, and watch this with! We promise you will revisit your couple goals and the next thing you know is there’s a sudden burst of love and humour in your marriage!

4.       Firsts by Dice Media – When did you last devour those special moments  you had with an old college crush, or plan a nice dinner date with your husband snuggling at home maybe, a better opportunity while your home-bound? Firsts by Dice Media will take you back to all those beautiful little moments when you fell in love with your fiancée, or the first time you got your husband a gift , or the time your partner proposed! So, indulge yourself with Firsts, to savour those memories, and perhaps bring them to life again. Firsts will take you down the memory lane, a perfect breezy show to transport your mind to better thoughts and keep realities at bay! What’s more? Each episode of this 24-part web-series lasts just a minute, so whether you’re on a 5-minute break or a half hour, a smile seeing actors Rohan Shah and Apporva Arora is definitely guaranteed!

5.       Mentalhood by ALTBalaji & ZEE5 – When was the last time you really bonded with your Mom as a friend or even told her your secrets that normally goes only to your BFF. Well, it’s a fact making parents your friends, could turn into a different relationship with them. This may not come that easy too, but one thing is for sure – we all know parents are family and family is always going stick around the good, bad or ugly. Karishma Kapoor’s first digital debut in her web series Mentalhood can surely give you tips to mend relationships between all moms and children. If you have not done that before, this is the perfect opportunity to try it out.

6.       Special OPS by Hotstar – If you are looking to switch your content consumption mode from to some good thriller- Special OPS by Hotstar is just perfect. Starring Kay Kay Menon in the lead, each episode is unfolding a deeper mystery. The story revolves around the life of an intelligent Research officer (played by Kay Kay Menon) who spends 19 years, yes 19 years to tracks a series of attacks to get hold of the one criminal mastermind behind all of this. So, if your home and thinking of what next to watch, try this one! It won’t fail to impress you!

7.       Asur by Voot Select – If thriller is all you’re looking for to take off your mind on an offbeat road, Asur is the one you must try. Fondly known Circuit from Munna Bhai, Arshad Warsi plays the lead – he’s a CBI forensic expert tracing a serial killer on the loose. It’s the perfect web-series that will allow you to empathise with all brave hearts out there, who put their lives at risk, so we can sleep peacefully. Truly, when was the last time we thought of bringing a difference, in our own small way?

Go ahead, change your mood, lighten up your home, with one new episode every day! Who knows you might come out of your quarantine as a whole new person! Perhaps, someone you always wanted to meet!

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