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Stupidest Fake News Of The Year: Salman Khan Walks Out Of Dhoom 4!



Dhoom is Yash Raj Films’ most successful franchise. After three successful installments, we all want to see where the Dhoom franchise is heading.

But here is the thing: there is no Dhoom 4 anywhere in sight. The purported director Vijay Krishna Acharya is busy shooting another film. He can’t even dream of Dhoom right now.

Irrespective of the ground reality, some reports have not only invented a Dhoom 4, they have also decided to cast Salman Khan as the main antagonist. The fiction doesn’t stop there. Not only is Salman roped in to play the villain in Dhoom 4 (which doesn’t exist) he has also walked out of the project because he doesn’t want to share screen space with Abhishek Bachchan.

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A source from Yash Raj Films can’t stop laughing at the sheer ludicrousness of the rumour.

“Firstly, there is no Dhoom 4. It hasn’t even been decided that Vijay Krishna Acharya will direct the fourth Dhoom film. He is currently immersed in the making of Thugs Of Hindostan. Secondly, where is the question of Salman walking out of Dhoom 4 when he hasn’t walked into the project in the first place?” says the source in between bouts of hysterical laughter.

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Incidentally, the theory that Salman would walk out of any film with Abhishek Bachchan is bogus. The two are extremely fond of one another.

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