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Subhash Ghai To Work With Tiger, Signed Tiger Shroff The Day He Was Born

Subhash Ghai is planning to finally make a film starring his buddy Jackie Shroff’s  son Tiger. Reports coming in from  Ghai’s quarters insist the dethroned Showman is planning to make a comeback with a film starring the current boxoffice heart- throb Tiger Shroff.

Interestingly Subhash Ghai was meant to  launch Tiger.

Tiger Shroff reveals, “Subhash Uncle who is very close friend of my father had signed me on the day I was born for   Rs 21,000 which in those days—I was born in 1990—was a fortune. So I owe Subhash Uncle a film.”


Apparently the exiled Showman is all set to make a film with  Tiger Shroff in the lead.

Reacting to the rumour of Tiger coming together with the filmmaker who launched Tiger’s father as a leading man in Hero , Tiger says, “Anytime…it’d be an honour and pleasure to work with him. My father owes his career to Subhash Uncle.”


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