Subhash Ghai’s Land Deal To Be Nulled?

Disgraced showman  Subhash Ghai is  most likely to lose the 5.5 acre land that  the Maharashtra government had allotted him in Film City for his acting school.

In  the wake  of several women  accusing Ghai’s of  serious sexual misdemeanour  including rape, it  is reliably learnt that the Government of Maharashtra has  resolved to cancel the land lease  for Ghai’s school.

A source close  to the development says, “It is one thing for casting directors and  young  directors to be accused. But a formidable  veteran like Ghai who has given so many landmark films to Indian cinema and launched  actors  like Jackie Shroff, Madhuri Dixit and  Manisha  Koirala, this disgrace is a real low blow .It  shows the entertainment industry in a really awful light. Allotting him land for creative purposes no longer makes sense.”

I asked  many of Ghai’s close friends  to comment on  the charges leveled at Ghai. They all chose to stay mum. One of them on condition  of anonymity said, “I had heard of his casting methods. But never  witnessed  it. Are we to forget all that  he has contributed to Hindi cinema? What about  other great filmmakers who as  a routine, ask for and get sexual favours?”

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