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Subhash K Jha Reviews The Trailer Of Delhi Crime



Delhi Crime Will Take Us Back To Nirbhaya(Again)

Did  the gruesome ghastly inhuman events of December  16, 2012 change  our perception of rape  and rapists forever?

 8 years later we are still grappling with the sheer savagery  of  the crime that those “men”(for  the want of a better definition)  perpetrated  on  a girl who  just wanted to get  home after  a movie(Life  Of Pi it was).Many films have been attempted on the subject. But the one that  I remember most vividly is  Deepa  Mehta’s Anatomy Of Violence  in 2018 which attempted  to  humanize  the rapists , showed  us most effectively why  migrants and poor wage earners   in  large cities are so  sex-starved.

I don’t think audiences in India were ready  to  see  the “other” side  of  the Nirbhaya  case. The  film was labeled  “pro-rapists” by some.

It is interesting that the new  stunning digital  film Delhi Crime on  Nirbhaya is also by an Indo-Canadian filmmaker  named Mehta,

It is  impossible to take  you eyes  away from  the trailer  of  Delhi Crime as  the  ever-compelling Shefali Chayatakes centrestage as  the cop Vartika Chuturvedi investigating  the  worst  crime we’ve seen against humanity in Delhi.

In less than two minutes Shefali made me feel horribly guilty  for  all the Nirbhayas  of our country who are still wondering what they  did  to deserve this?

Delhi Crime  tries to answer  a very pertinent question about the law and order situation in the cities. Why are  the perpetrators not afraid  of  punishment? Weren’t Nirbhaya’s rapists  sure they  would get away  with it.

I was  sucked into  the  storyline   by the sheer  force of strength  displayed  in the narrative. The  performances  specially Shefali Shah  in  the central as also other stalwarts  of  the performing arts  such as Adil Hussain, RasikaDuggal and Rsjesh Tailang

This series promises  to  shake us  up ,remind us  of  what  the motion picture  is  supposed to  do. It moves.

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